Month: January 2014

Joining a Fandom (a GIF Story)

When it comes to joining a Fandom, or Fandoms, we all start out the same. Normal people just living life. And then someone (more like the person who is the root of your turmoil) asks you if you ever seen a show. And you answer innocently enough…


So they decide they want to introduce you to their Fandom since the entire series is now on Netflix. So you agree to sit and watch the first episode to see what all they hype is about. Whatever.


So you watch the first episode and toward the end you’re pretty much like, this is good.


And then 3 am rolls around and you are still watching the show, because well you just want more!


And after watching three seasons non-stop, you finally emerge from your cave completely disoriented.


You realize, being out of the real world for so long has left you a little rusty when it comes to human interaction.


So you try to go to the friend that led you down the dark path of Fandoms to ask how to undo the process. And all he responds with is…


Because, when it comes to Fandoms,


So you accept your fate, and turn to the only people that understand you. Other Fandomers.


Because, in the end, when it comes to Fandoms, you’ll regret nothing!


Happy Fandoming!


A Fandom is Calling

It’s a bird. It’s a plane. No! It’s a tardis!


They call themselves Whovians, and Sherlockians, and Tributes, Potterheads, and Trekkies and Whedonites. They go by many names, but they are all apart of a Fandom.  A combinations of the words “Fan” and “Kingdom,” Fandoms are a subculture consisting of groups of people who share a common interest. Of course, this definition comes from Wikipedia, who has drastically underestimated the meaning of the word Fandom and the meaning of being in one.


It can be hard to explain what a Fandom is exactly to someone on the outside. Having muggle parents, (Harry Potter reference), I have on many occasions had my enthusiasm met with blank expressions when talking about my Fandom. But nevertheless, I shall try to explain it.


To be apart of a Fandom is to be apart of a secret world. To be apart of an inside joke. They are a fascinating group of people who hold extreme passions for television, comic books, movies, and those who write them.  I am proud to say that I am apart of several Fandoms. Buffy the Vampire Slayer was my jam growing up. Then the Avengers. Then Doctor Who and Sherlock, and long story short, I became consumed by these worlds. To say the least, I fell in love. I fell in love with a fictional world.


Fandom love is a thing. I promise. And anyone who visits this site knows, or will learn to know that Fandom love runs deep. There is a certain spark that lights up the eyes of a person talking about their Fandom. Now while they may be dismissed as nerds, it is the deep passion and the way they love that separates Fandoms from regular fan bases. And it would be wrong of me to talk about Fandoms and nerds and passion without bringing up Star Trek: The Next Generation actor, Will Wheton who eloquently put it,  “The way you love that, and the way you find other people who love it the way you do is what makes being a nerd awesome.


So welcome to The Fandom. A blog where I will dive into the world of well, stuff.