A Fandom Blogger


I started this blog as a class assignment. It has been wonderful blogging about the things I love, TV and fan-girling. Throughout my experience I, like many great writers experienced the ups and downs of of what to write and if it was any good. I have had great ideas only to realize that they were worthless and did not make any sense. I have felt inspired and typed away at my computer only to realize the whole thing was one run-on sentence. In addition, even though I loved everything I have blogged about, I learned even more about it.  Now, I had to go into depth about the things I loved and write about why I loved them and so on.

I have also learned blogging is hard. The final product is fun to look at and tell your friends about but it is hard work. Extremely hard. Like, pull-out-your-hair hard. Kudos to all the bloggers out there. Seriously, y’all are amazing.


One of the things we had to do was learn to promote ourselves using social media. Honestly, social media works. However, it has to be done in the right way. I can’t upload something to Instagram and upload that same something to Twitter and expect the same response or any response. Also, while Twitter and Instagram have far more users than Facebook and Pinterest, I had more foot traffic come from the latter. Crazy, I know. But true. What also helped up my viewers was a fellow blogger, AgzyM , who linked my blog to hers, which I fully appreciate. You rock!


And, so ends my blogging project, but not my blogging career.